Ding! Android “Cupcake” Finally Done!

Late last night, attentive T-Mobile customers started downloading Android’s 1.5 update, nicknamed “Cupcake” by the developing team. The update is now available to all G1 users who don’t have hacked phones. Those of you that played chop-shop with your OS’s will have to find your own way to install it.

“Cupcake” contains a whole host of useful add-ons for G1 owners, including the ability to take immediately upload videos taken by their phone to Youtube. The camera’s zoom functions have also been updated, and a touchscreen keypad has been made available for anyone too lazy to flip the actual keyboard out.

G1 users will also now have support for their Bluetooth stereo headsets, which is something the community has been yelling for since the G1’s release.

In addition to being chock full of neat features, “Cupcake” also sends us a message about what T-Mobile has in mind for the G2. Though no release date has been set yet, most rumors seem to agree that they are ditching the full keyboard in favor of a fully-touch screen device. The onscreen keyboard in “Cupcake” is a way for them to sate the masses until the next generation phone arrives.


~ by Travis on 05/04/2009.

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