Cupake Ready for Primetime?

Can you hear it? Yeah, it’s the oven timer (Oooh, and it just twittered me, too…). It’s been beeping louder and louder; as if, for some reason, it really wanting me to take out the food. Turns out, that “food” is a single, old-fashioned Cupcake. And my mouth is starting to water.

Now, if you haven’t gotten the analogy yet – let’s set the record straight – according to reports floating around on the veritable internets/interwebz, Android’s Cupcake development branch (a.k.a A2DP Bluetooth, Touch Keyboard, improved Copy and Paste, Video recording, you know, the small stuff etc…) is about done. Although T-Mobile released a statment  that was assuredly vague, the entire gadgetblog community is starting to feel the geek-goosebumps all over again. Early reports say that Cupcake still isn’t quite ready for the big-time release just yet, I think we’re safe to say that sticking a fork in it would yield only a small amount of dough.

All moronic cooking analogies aside – we’re looking at a few weeks to a couple of months before the G1 (and most likely the devices being announced at MWC next month) receives its birthday wishes. Screenshots that were fleshed out today show a few visual improvements – but the big hit here will be those under-the-hood goodies that will be less visible to the untrained eye, but definitely hugely (awesomely) important.

So if there were any advice to give to the readers, it would be this: curb your hunger with a Snickers bar and make sure to keep asking for it by commenting on apps in the Market.

Android 1.5 Cupcake on screen keyboard

Android 1.5 "Cupcake" on screen keyboard

P.S. – Joke, people – we’re all getting a little sick of the ridiculous comments on the Market.


~ by Travis on 04/21/2009.

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